Disney Resort Races


A couple months ago we began to stumble across Disney Resort races. It started simply. I met up with a friend from out of town, and we ended up running across the Derby Dash finish line before the race started one Thursday. We quickly met up with her hubby and signed up and paid for for the race, because who can turn down a fun run with a medal and snacks at Disney. We looked up a few resort races after that, but the next time we met up to run at Disney, we ran at Wilderness Lodge and since there weren't any races listed there we didn't think anything about resort races... until we were running on the Ft. Wilderness trail and low and behold, it was July 3rd, the day of the 4th of July 5k. So after running about a mile from Wilderness Lodge we made it to the horse stables behind Hoop Dee Doo, and signed up for the free race! Water and a button key chain was handed out at the finish, and we laughed at how crazy it had been that the ran into another race. 


Flash forward to last Friday (7/20/18). We set an early morning Boardwalk run with another friend, and planned to do about 5 miles. I love running at Boardwalk because you can get several miles without trying very hard by running to Hollywood Studios and around the lake. (It's also great practice for runDisney races, since most of the longer distances utilize the Hollywood Studios to Epcot path near the last couple miles and running on the Boardwalk the first time was tricky for me.) On our way to Hollywood, we noticed a sign... The Seaside Sprint turn around... We hadn't even heard of this resort race! We debated signing up, but the pull of a Disney race and tradition won out, even though we had already run 4/4.5 miles. We signed up, paid for our races, and laughed at the crazy Disney magic that kept following our runs. We we finished we got a super cute Seaside Sprint pin (high quality collectors pin), snacks and a bottle of water. To top it all off, our bib had a coupon for a Goofy Glacier, good for 7 days, so we grabbed them up on the way out. We didn't realize it was the very first time it was run until a CM mentioned it. 


After Friday, we had a flurry of messages and texts asking us about all these races! I even got a text with a link from another friend listing resort races, that said the "newest resort race" is being run at All-Star. What?! Boardwalk just started, so the other could have been run yet. We were supposed to run Monday, but because I was feeling a bit under the weather we pushed it off to Tuesday. Just so happens, that Jessica had booked a couple extra days at All-Star, and when we were planning our run for Tuesday I mentioned that there was supposedly a "new race" at All-Star on Tuesdays. She called the front desk, and confirmed so we set out to meet up at 6:30a to sign up. The race stated at 7:00a from All-Star Movies near Toy Story, and ended at All-Star Sports on the Football field, running through most of the huge iconic spots of the resorts. The kick off of this fun run was a blast! We also earned another collectable pin! Because it is a "point to point" race (most of the other resort races have a loop route), a bus was available to shuttle us back to All-Star Movies. The other fun part of this race is that it didn't utilize the New Balance Running trail, but instead took us through the resort since the trail runs along the outside of the parking lots. CMs were along the route cheering us on, holding fun signs, and keeping us from getting lost. Yet another magical resort run! 


I love that the Resort Recreation teams are adding more races, and that these races are open to anybody, so you don't have to stay on property to join in on the fun! Runners, walkers, and pin collectors are all welcome! Below are the resort races we currently know of with times and meeting places. We'll try to keep these updated, but please feel free add additional races or changes to the comments! 


Beignet Dash

Port Orleans French Quarter


  • Sundays 8a (check in begins at 7:30a)
  • Cost: $15 
  • Location: Between building 5 and the Doubloon Lagoon Pool
  • Swag: Race bib, Mardi gras beads "medal", beignet coupon, and a pin.
  • Length: 1.5 miles

All-Stars and Icons

All-Star Resorts


It's Back!!

  • Every other Tuesday 7a (Check in begins at 6:30a) Check with resort to see which ones. 
  • Cost: $15 
  • Location: Check in is at Reel Spot (All-Star Music)
  • Swag: Race bib, Disney Collector's pin, water, and post race snacks
  • Length: Just over 1 mile (approx 1.1) 

The Southern Most Point 3k

Old Key West  





  • Wednesdays 7:30a (check in by 7:15 at Community Hall)
  • Cost: $15 
  • Location: "Family Tree" by the Sandcastle Pool
  • Swag: Race Bib, Medal, Water Bottle, water and snacks
  • Length: 3K (1.8-ish miles depending on the route of the day) 

Derby Dash

Saratoga Springs


  • Thursdays 8a (check in at 7:30a)
  • Cost: $15
  • Location: Saratoga Springs Community Hall
  • Swag: Race bib, Medal, water, and snacks
  • Length: 1.4 miles

Seaside Sprint



  • Fridays 8a (check in at 7:30) 
  • Cost: $15
  • Location: Between the Dance Hall and Jellyrolls
  • Swag: Race bib, Disney Collector's pin, coupon for a Goofy Glacier, water, and snacks
  • Length: 1.5 miles 

Have you run any of these Resort Races? Which is your favorite?