Joffrey's Revive - Magic Kingdom 

There's a new coffee place in town at the Magic Kingdom! If the lines are out the door at the Main Street Bakery, keep strolling down take a pre-coffee selfie at the "purple wall" and make your way to the new coffee stand located in Tomorrowland. Joffrey's Revive is located behind the People Mover near the Tomorrowland dance party stage. 

While the menu is less varied than at the Starbucks location on Main street, the prices are similar and the line isn't as crazy. Pastries are also available at this location with the price tag of $3.99 each. We can't speak to the taste because we didn't pick any up, but if size is any indicator, these were definitely worth the cost and look standard to the other Joffrey's locations with the addition to a S'mores muffin from what we can tell.  

We have tried out a couple other Joffrey's locations around WDW and we enjoy Joffrey's, so we were excited to see a new location with specialty items show up at Magic Kingdom. The Mission to S'mores Latte looks like a blast! As we made this stop on the way out of the park one chilly evening, we avoided the jolt this time around and went for a couple drinks that weren't as loaded for lift off. We opted for their Chai Latte and Peach Iced Tea hoping for a couple lighter drinks to sip while making our way back to the car. 

The Chai latte was exactly what I was looking for, light and with a hint of spice. For reference, it is not as heavy on the spice as the Starbucks version, so if you are used to the kick from that drink; it is a bit lighter. There is also only one size to their drink options at this location (and others from what we've seen) and it is comparable to the Starbucks Grande (16oz). The streamlining allows for a quicker drink pick up to keep your day going and the line flowing. 

The Peach Iced tea was surprisingly heavier than expected. It was super sweet and syrupy. We were hoping for a light and fruity tea (like the wonderland tea from the shops) but it ended up being a rich brewed black tea with peach syrup and lots of it. Sadly the Peach flavor was more of a candied version than fresh or dried fruit and it clashed with the black tea. We would not suggest trying this tea, even if you are a fan of sweet tea as we are. We are willing to try out a few of their other tea options before calling it on Joffrey's tea, but this was a bad first taste. 

We are glad that Disney worked to add this new stand in to the theming of Tomorrowland. The neon purple sign and futuristic look bend in well to this area, and is a great addition, especially for park goers needing a quick jolt. The location next to the dance party is perfect trade off spot for parents. With the kids occupied one parent can grab the coffee while the other keeps their eye on littles dancing. There is also enough seating close enough by under the People Mover if someone was waiting on their party to get off of Space Mountain they could grab a cup or treat and rest their tired toes. 

We will probably stop at this location again to try the Mission to S'mores when we are craving a sweet treat. We are glad for a quick stop for coffee off Main Street and hope to see a few more of these pop up around Magic Kingdom and other Parks in the future.      

In our Cups...

  • Chia Latte
  • Peach Iced Tea

Location Price Range: $3-5.39

Date Visited: 3/27/17

Joffrey's Revive is located in Tomorrowland near the dance party stage. 

Location Menu

Chia Latte and Peach Iced Tea


Tips and Overall Review

  • If you need a quick pick-me-up before riding Space Mountain; there are several caffeinated options to enjoy!
  • These pastries are the typical for Joffrey's large size; if you are not super hungry, we recommend sharing with others!
  • We have not seen long lines here, so this makes it a great option in an otherwise crowded Tomorrowland!