Gaston's Tavern - Magic Kingdom 

Have you ever eaten a cinnamon roll almost the size of your head? No? Are you tempted to? If so, we know the place. Head on down to New Fantasyland and check out Gaston's Tavern - today's stop for the eatDisney Challenge!  We loved everything about this location, except that it closes about an hour before the park does. 

Tucked behind Gaston's fountain is his very manly tavern decorated in true Gaston fashion. Think antlers and a few biceps to spare! I'm trying to think if there is any other villain who received this level of Disney theming in the parks. It is such a fun location, you almost forget that he was the bad guy... It's ok we have LeFou's brew to comfort us. Don't worry it's kid friendly! If you are overwhelmed, don't worry; you can dry your tears in the best smelling bathroom in the Magic Kingdom right around the corner. Seriously, it smells like baked goods!

For this trip, we split the massive cinnamon roll between the three of us, and even with all of us having a sweet tooth, sharing wasn't an issue. Covered in two types of icing (maple and regular) and warm "from the oven," this was an amazing snack. We have tried many amazing cinnamon rolls because of our baked goods addiction and this one was right up there with some of the best. The bake was perfect, which is amazingly difficult for this large of a cinnamon roll! The rise on the roll was also amazing, as it hit the perfect happy medium of not being too airy or too dense. I would love to get their bakers' secrets! The two icings played nicely together, but we were partial to the maple, as it added a special touch to this massive treat. There was no shortage of the icing and I'm pretty sure we left some on the plate, so if you are an icing fan, you will be pleased!

With such a sugary treat, we had to get something to help wash it down. We opted to try out LeFou's brew and add to our souvenir cup collection. The drink is also available without the stein or goblet for half the price, which we will probably do next time. We had seen people raving about this drink and now we know it was for good reason! This frozen concoction is mainly made with apple juice but has hints of toasted marshmallow and is topped with an all natural passion fruit mango foam. Who knew toasted marshmallow and apple juice could be friends? Maybe it is a metaphor for our friends Gaston and LeFou? Gaston being healthy and a bit cold, and LeFou being sweet and fluffy... maybe a stretch! The foam was a nice touch seeing that this is a tavern and the drink is supposed to be a "brew." The foam added a little to the overall beverage in the way of creaminess and flavor, but was more for show than taste. The souvenir stein was a nice touch, but being plastic with stickers (and hand wash only) we probably won't be spending the $6 extra on it again. It will still probably hold up longer than any of our Enchanted Rose cups though, and it was a couple bucks cheaper so definitely don't regret getting one. 

The theming on this location is amazing. Just take a look at the antler chandelier in the pictures below! There were two seating areas, one on either side of the counter. The left seemed like it could stay a bit quieter as there was less overt theming and it felt a bit more "tucked away." The one on the right included the fireplace complete with Gaston hanging above it, Gaston's chair, and the buck stopping antler chandelier. Even if the food wasn't amazing, which it was, we would highly suggest stopping here just to check out the decor.    

Date Visited: 3/23/17

Gaston's Tavern is located in New Fantasyland in between Be Our Guest and Journey of the Little Mermaid.

Warm Cinnamon Roll and LeFou's Brew in the souvenir stein. 

On our plate...

  • Warm Cinnamon Roll
  • LeFou's Brew in the souvenir stein

Location Price Range: $3-13

Tip and Overall Review

  • We loved this location so much for it's theming and the food was amazing too. 
  • LeFou's Brew was a great combination of frozen apple juice with toasted marshmallow flavoring. The passion fruit mango foam was a nice touch for the esthetics but added little to the drink in way of creaminess and flavor. 
  • The souvenir stein was a nice addition to the meal, but as it is hand wash only with stickers, we probably won't get more than one as it added $6 to the price of the drink. 
  • The Cinnamon roll was truly massive and the perfect size for sharing. The bake was perfect, which was surprising for this large of roll. The icing was doubly great; we specifically loved the maple icing. 
  • The best smelling bathrooms in the Magic Kingdom are right next to this location and it can all be blamed on the bakery!