Urban Farm Eats - Epcot Flower & Garden 2017

We have said it before, but it is worth repeating! We love festivals at Epcot and Flower & Garden is no exception! We posted last week about our overall tips for this festival. This week, we are beginning on our trip around the World Showcase to bring you a little about each of the food booths starting with Urban Farm Eats!

When looking at the map, this location is technically listed in Future World on the walkway next to Journey into Imagination (our little's favorite ride), but as the walkway connects to the World Showcase on the Canada Pavillon side, we feel this is a technicality. All that to say, we loved the location and theming of this booth.   

As a part of its queue, Urban Farm Eats features backyard gardening ideas. The menu items focus on the farm to table vibe with an urban flare. We savored the watermelon salad and the seared pork tenderloin. The watermelon salad was tangy with the pickled onions and balsamic reduction balanced nicely against the sweetness of the watermelon. If you are looking for a spring salad on your trek around the world, this would be a great first stop. 

The seared pork tenderloin had an amazing mushroom sauce, carrots, and baby greens. We enjoyed this tender savory dish with an Urban Fairy Cocktail. The tenderloin could have been seared a little more for our taste, but the flavors were spot on and it was a nice addition to our day. 

The Urban Fairy Cocktail that made with absinthe, cucumber, and lime was an interesting combination. The absinthe was definitely over powered by the cucumber flavor in our drink, but it was light and refreshing. If cucumber is your thing, go for this cocktail! We probably won't pick this cocktail again, but there were several other options at this booth that looked intriguing enough to try on our next trip to this location.  

The gardens and urban farming displays were so much fun to wander though. We love that Epcot never fails to bring the Edutainment!   

Backyard farming ideas

Urban Chicken farming display 

Date Visited: 3/4/17

Urban Farm Eats is located on the walkway between Figment's Journey into Imagination and the World Showcase.

Location's menu and price list

Pork tenderloin, Watermelon Salad and The Urban Fairy Cocktail

On our plate

  • Watermelon Salad
  • Seared Pork Tenderloin
  • Urban Fairy Cocktail

Location Price Range- $3-11

Tips and Overall Review

  • We loved the pork tenderloin and watermelon salad at this location. Both were perfect for a warm spring day.
  • The Urban Fairy Cocktail was overwhelmingly cucumber flavored. While the drink was light and refreshing, if you aren't a fan of cucumber, we would suggest you pass even if absinthe is your libation of choice. 
  • We would highly suggest taking a few minutes to enjoy the gardens and displays around this booth. 
  • There were several standing tables at this location, but if this area packs out, there are more standing tables a few steps away next to World Showcase Lagoon across from the Refreshment Port.