Tortuga Tavern - Magic Kingdom

Yo Ho, Pirate friends! We made a stop at Tortuga Tavern as a part of the eatDisney Challenge a couple a weeks ago. We were surprised that it was even open on such a dead week! As we quickly found out from a Cast Member, this location has received a menu change and has became the place to find turkey legs and hot dogs as the carts for these items in Frontierland have closed. 

We made a quick stop and got Little a hot dog combo and had a few bites ourselves. The combo wasn't much to write home about. The hot dog was a standard park hot dog and bun. While it was great for Little who is super picky, we wished there was a bit more to this counter service. Being a newly reimagined stop in Adventureland, it definitely wasn't adventurous. If you are looking for a quick bite for a picky eater or a turkey leg after riding Pirates, this may be the stop for you. If you are trying to find something with a bit more variety, Pecos Bill is just around the corner. 

The theming of this location was fun, with a pirate code of conduct and great outdoor seating overlooking Pirates. Tortuga Tavern has always had such an amazing feel with all island foliage, and the wood carvings reminiscent of pirate ships.

We are excited to see that Disney is choosing to utilize this dining space after so much imagineering was put into it. We could see many pictures of Pirate League kiddos stopping here and enjoying a hot dog or turkey leg. Tortuga Tavern will now be open daily from 11a- 8p, for all turkey leg cravings and pirate picture needs.   

On Our Plate...

  • Hot Dog Combo

Location Price Range: $3-11

The Pirate code of conduct

The hot dog combo

Date Visited: 3/8/17


Tortuga Tavern is located across from Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland. 

Tips and Overall Review

  • Tortuga Tavern is now open daily from 11a-8p as a quick stop for hot dog combos, turkey legs, chocolate-chip cookies, fountain drinks, and bottled water. 
  • We are a bit disappointed that this newly reimagined Adventureland location wasn't more adventurous. If only the egg rolls were moved here and open all the time... 
  • The theming on this restaurant is perfectly pirate-y and would make a great location for Pirate League turkey leg photos. 

This location has become the place to get hot dogs and turkey legs as the carts carrying these items in Frontierland have been closed. 

Classic hot dog and chips

The menu and price list for this location.