Primavera Kitchen - Epcot Flower & Garden 2017

As a part of the Festival edition of the eatDisney Challenge, every weekend we will share another stop or two around the food booths at the Flower and Garden Festival. This week, we are making a stop at Primavera Kitchen, as we follow along with the Festival Passport. (Check out our previous Flower & Garden 2017 posts here!) We enjoyed a few Italian inspired treats at this beautiful location next to the water. 

Primavera Kitchen is located on the water side of the Italy Pavilion directly after the Snow White topiary. This location has several standing tables next to the water with a beautiful view of Spaceship Earth. Near fireworks though, they will be roped off special seating for people who took paid tours throughout the day. Either way this booth is in a beautiful location next to a large flower display. and with fruit trees hanging out in the queue. 

For this stop we indulged our sweet tooth with the Prosecco and Strawberry Tiramisu. The Prosecco was sweet and bubbly as always. The Strawberry Tiramisu reminded me more of a trifle than a tiramisu, but was tasty none the less. The sweet layers of cream, strawberries, and ladyfingers were light and creamy without feeling like any portion was overpowering anything else. Both items were about what we expected in the best way. 

We hope to stop here again to try out the Meatball Parmigiana and maybe another drink or two, as they all look amazing. If nothing else, this location is worth the stop to enjoy the fruit trees in the queue and check out the huge flower display before taking a photo opt on the Italian bridge overlooking the lagoon.  

In Our Cups...

  • Strawberry Tiramisu 
  • Prosecco

Location Price Range: $3-10

Date Visited: 3/1/17


Tips and Overall Review

  • With a large selection of beverages, there should be something here for everyone's preference.
  • We really enjoyed the Strawberry Tiramisu; it is a fun twist on a classic favorite.
  • In the evening, this is a great spot to slow down and enjoy day. After dark, you have a great view of Spaceship Earth!