Pineapple & Berry - Epcot Flower & Garden 2017

As a part of the Festival edition of the eatDisney Challenge, every weekend we will share another stop or two around the food booths at the Flower and Garden Festival. This week, we are making stops at Pineapple Promenade and The Berry Basket.  This being our first year for Flower and Garden, we had no clue that the drink of the festival was located at one of these booths! 

Date Visited: 3/4/17

Pineapple Promenade

First up this week is Pineapple Promenade. Being newbies, our first time at this booth we opted for the pineapple soft serve and the spicy hot dog. The pineapple soft serve was a creamy and amazing as any Dole Whip on property, and paired nicely with the spicy hot dog. Speaking of which, the spicy hot lived up to it's name. The pineapple chutney was sweet with a kick, and the plantain chips gave it a nice crunch. The hot dog it's self was good, but what really made the meal was the combination of all three. As I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to spice, the pineapple soft serve was perfect to combat the heat.

On our second trip to this booth we had to try the lemonade of the festival. I mean you know it is good when there are candles and buttons made in its honor! The Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade, know as the Violet Lemonade to those who love it, lived up to its hype. Sweet, tart, and very violet, it has made our list as a must drink from this point on. Many of the signature drinks around the festival aren't inherently kid friendly, if you know what I mean, so it was nice to share with little without altering the drink Disney imagined. The best way to describe it is to imagine Spring in a glass, and at $3.50, the budget friendliness only adds to it's charm!    

Being big fans of the Poly, the theming of this booth right up our alley! Can someone please make this booth into a Hawaiian shirt or a purse? It is perfect, and so unique amongst the festival booths with its vibrant colors and pineapple art. Just saying, if Dooney and Burke came out with a Pineapple Promenade bag, I would be super tempted to spend all the money to get it. 

If you are looking to get in to the Festival Spirit, without spirits, this is a great stop. 


The Berry Basket has the perfect picture taking view of Fresh Epcot! 

Located to the left of the main entrance to the World Showcase, The Berry Basket is a new addition to Flower and Garden 2017. 

The Green Tea Berry Mint Julep. 

Lamb Chop! Yum!

The Pineapple Promenade is the first booth to the right at the main entrance of the World Showcase. It is hard to miss with its bright pineapple designs.  

The Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade, aka Violet Lemonade, aka the festival lemonade 

Menu and Price list for this location.

Can we get this on a Hawaiian Shirt?

Spicy Hot Dog and Pineapple Soft Serve 

Date Visited: 3/1/17

The Berry Basket

Following along in our Festival Passport, we are headed to the left side of the main entrance to a brand new booth for Flower and Garden, The Berry Basket. Being our first stop at the festival, I completely forget to get a picture of the menu board! I will remedy it and update this post after our next trip. I think we were just too excited about the lamb chop! Not only does it look amazing, the sweet-savory combo works in the best way to make this dish. The quinoa salad was nice, but the lamb chop with blackberry gastrique were the real stars. We have also picked up the green tea berry mint julep from this location, and while we tried the Kentucky Bourbon version, we are pretty sure the kid friendly slush would be just as good. Unlike other slush drinks, like in the France pavilion, the shot is added to the slush before it is served and is not a part of the mixture in the machines, which makes us believe that Disney meant for this to be another signature drink for the whole family. Interested in the recipe? See the recipe card below that was handed out at this booth.

The queue for this location was filled with growing berries, and it is located at a perfect picture taking location. The thatch roof and cottage style of this booth is a thing of fairytales. And the food... This is a booth where we really wanted to get one of everything, and will probably try to before the end of the Festival in May.  


Green Tea Berry Mint Julep Recipe. Click on the picture to see a larger version the recipe .

From the Booths... 

Pineapple Promenade 

  • Pineapple soft serve
  • Spicy Hot Dog
  • Frozen Dessert Violet Lemonade

Location Price Range: $3-11.75

The Berry Basket 

  •  Lamb Chop
  • Green Tea Berry Mint Julep 

Location Price Range: $3-8.75

Tips and Overall Review

  • If you haven't tried the Violet Lemonade, do. You will thank me. It is located at Pineapple Promenade. That is all. 
  • The Spicy Hot Dog lives up it it's name, so make sure to have a beverage/ pineapple soft serve on hand if you are a wimp for spice like I am. 
  • The Pineapple soft serve is the same as other locations around the property and can also be served with coconut rum like at Animal Kingdom. Sadly, they did not bring the dark rum or pineapple juice to this location, but the novelty of being able to eat a Dole Whip while walking around the World Showcase isn't lost on us. 
  • The Berry Basket tables are located in a great place to enjoy a picturesque view of the floating flowers, monorail and Spaceship Earth. The view of the berry bushes in the queue isn't too bad either!
  • The Green Tea Berry Mint Julep was light and refreshing, and if wanting to save a few bucks or share with the kiddos, there is a Bourbon free version that is just as good as the adult drink. At double the cost, the Bourbon doesn't add enough specialty to this drink to make it worth it. 
  • The Lamb Chop was a nice balance of sweet and savory. The quinoa salad was tasty, but the Lamp Chop with Blackberry Gastrique was the main attraction. We would most definitely be stopping for this dish again!