Lotus House - Epcot Flower & Garden 2017

As a part of the Festival edition of the eatDisney Challenge, every weekend we will share another stop or two around the food booths at the Flower and Garden Festival. This week, we are making a stop at Lotus House following along with the Festival Passport. (Check out our previous Flower & Garden 2017 posts here!) We loved the Asian inspired treats and the topiaries at this location!


So I'll let you in on a little secret. As soon as we get a festival passport, we try to plan out what we want to eat at EVERY stop. Sometimes we eat at as many places as we can in one day, other times we make several trips, but we usually stick pretty close to our original list with a few changes. Our list does change up a bit when items aren't available, and that was part of our stop this time around. On our original list were the lettuce wraps and the candied strawberries. We settled for the Vegetable Spring Rolls as the others were sold out. 

The Vegetable Spring Rolls were tasty, especially with the dipping sauce (a creamy Sriracha mayo, from the best we can tell). The veggies inside were mainly steamed cabbage and carrots, but it is was cooked well with a crispy wrapper and soft but not soggy vegetables. It is a great vegetarian option for the festival. 

We also picked up the Kung Fu Punch, which was a mango and orange juice flavored drink with vodka and triple sec. It was more tropical than Asian inspired to us. It was sweet and citrus-y, and probably the safe choice at this location. In the future we will probably try the Dragon Pearl, which we heard was strangely good. With beer, honey, tapioca pearls and cream it doesn't sound like a combination that would work, but one day we will be brave enough to try it! 

One of our favorite things about this location is the amazing topiaries near by. The Pandas for the new Disney Nature movie Born in China are adorable! We seriously can't wait to see the new movie, as we are Disney Nature fans. We also love the Dragon hanging out in the koi pond. Really, it amazes us what they can do with the topiaries. We seriously suggest stopping by this area and admiring the art. If you are interested in expanding your tastebuds as well, this would be your location.    

Pandas for the new Disney Nature movie Born in China coming out on Earth day. 

Date Visited: 3/4/17

Lotus House is located in the China Pavilion. 

Kung Fu Punch and Vegetable Spring Rolls 

Menu and Price list for this location 

From the Booth... 

  • Vegetable Spring Rolls
  • Kung Fu Punch

Location Price Range: $3-8.75

Tips and Overall Review

  • We highly recommend wandering around this area and admiring the topiaries. They are adorable. 
  • There are several fun and adventurous drink options at this location. We have heard that the Dragon Pearl is strangely good, but haven't been brave enough to try it yet. Let us know what you think.
  • The Vegetable Spring Rolls are a good vegetarian option for the festival. The cabbage and "assorted veggies" inside were steamed well and the wrapper was crispy. We also enjoyed the dipping sauce (a creamy Sriracha mayo, from the best we could tell) that was included.