Frontierland Popcorn Cart - Magic Kingdom 

We are a big fan of the refillable popcorn bucket. If you haven't read the post about our stop at Hot and Fresh Popcorn Hollywood Studios, you can check it out here. We go into a bit about the partnership with Pop Secret and how the refillable popcorn bucket works. For this eatDisney Challenge stop, we hit up the Frontierland Popcorn Cart to try out the new Maple Popcorn. 

This popcorn stand is located along the river side of Frontierland, across from Country Bear Jamboree. If you are unsure where that is, follow your nose to the sweet maple smell after getting off Splash Mountain and take a right to head toward Liberty Square, your senses will lead you the rest of the way. A couple months ago, this cart changed from a traditional location to a specialty popcorn stop. We love that a fun new flavor for refillable popcorn has made it's way to Magic Kingdom!

The great part of the popcorn bucket is that no matter where you refill the bucket, the price is relatively the same (with Animal Kingdom price being a bit cheaper). Even though a regular box of popcorn at this location is a buck more expensive because of the flavoring, the refill is still only $1.50. We would suggest buying the bucket at a different location, as they did raise the initial price a dollar here to cover the refill price.

As we are quickly becoming Disney popcorn aficionados refilling the bucket as many times as we do, trying out the new flavor was on our list and... we were very glad we did! The popcorn was fresh and sweet like kettle corn with a slightly smokey, maple flavoring. It was pretty good hot and fresh, but even better as it cooled, as it had the same properties as kettle corn. This is a great popcorn to get at the beginning of the day to enjoy between rides.  

Speaking of snacking throughout the day, our number one Disney food tip is to bring snack size zip bags. We have learned the hard way that handing a 4 year old a full bucket of popcorn makes for a wasted refill. We fill up his snack bag and he can stroll and snack, while we enjoy the bliss of not having to worry about sticky hands making their way into the family popcorn. This works especially well at this stop because we can also limit how much of the sugary goodness he devours, as well as, save some for Mom and Dad! We all have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Overall, we loved the new flavor! We felt like we stumbled across a Disney secret snack, as it hasn't been highly advertised. We can see how the smaller writing may not be the best idea, but the CM who served us was quick to let us know that the popcorn was flavored when ordering a refill. The popcorn has almost the same coloring as regular popcorn, so there could be quite a bit of confusion, if you were expecting buttered popcorn instead. The stand wasn't very crowded, unlike another flavored popcorn stand we frequent in Epcot, so we are guessing there is not much advertising this location, other than its terrific smell. We can't wait to enjoy another bucket full soon!

In Our Bucket...  

  • Maple Popcorn Refill

Location Price Range: $3-11

Date Visited: 3/8/17

Tips and Overall Review

  • We loved the Maple Popcorn! It is better once it cools off, so we highly suggest stopping in the morning and enjoying this snack between rides.
  • If you like kettle corn, you will probably like this flavor option. It is sweet, with a little crunch and a slightly smokey, maple flavor. 
  • Our number one tip for snacking at Disney is zip snack size bags. We always save ourselves frustration by giving Little his own snack bag of popcorn to eat while we stroll to the next ride. As a bonus, we can then enjoy a "sticky kid finger free" bucket.
  • This location isn't hidden, but it is hard to find if you don't know what you are looking for... it is directly across from Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland. While it looks like a traditional popcorn stand, you'll know you are close when you begin to smell the sweet maple scent in the air.
  • If you love popcorn, or plan on eating more than three buckets full on your trip (or with in the 3-4 months before they switch out the buckets), get the popcorn bucket. Ours has already been a life saver for cheap snacks in the parks with our picky eater.