Big Top Treats - Magic Kingdom

Located across from Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Big Top Souvenirs houses one of the most amazingly sugar coated snack stops in the Magic Kingdom - Big Top Treats. The sweet aroma from the treats being made wafts through the tent's "flaps" and whips around the souvenirs. We're pretty sure this is the best selling merchandise location in the parks. It smells like... Chocolate! 

Speaking of chocolate, there are so many chocolate coated goodies at this location, cake pops, marshmallows, fruit, apples... all with a Disney flare. Just like at Main Street Confectionery, there is a area to watch many of these amazing goodies being made. Little was mesmerized by the Cast Members dipping things in chocolate, as it is one of his favorite food groups. 

There are so many items at this location! Besides caramel apples and chocolate covered everything; Goofy's Glaciers (icee), caramel corn, cotton candy, and cupcakes are also located under the Big Top. We narrowed down our choices and picked up a Mickey chocolate covered marshmallow wand and a Belle cupcake. 

We grabbed a spot on the bench wall just outside and enjoyed our beautiful treats. Both were amazing! The Belle cupcake with it's candy pearls was airy and sweet without being overpowering. The pearls added a nice candy crunch that paired well with the vanilla cake and fluffy, not too rich frosting. This was a great afternoon snack to give us a little sugar kick, without the sugar hangover. 

The Mickey Chocolate covered marshmallow wand did not disappoint. Little immediately claimed the jelly beans and the first bite as soon as he saw it. That being said, it lasted about two seconds after the picture was taken, which should be a testament to how tasty it was. We loved the added touch of it being on a Mickey straw, because you really can never have enough Mickey Straws. We can see how on a summer day these may not last past a few minutes in our Florida heat, but they are worth melting for. Also, there is a bathroom a few steps away behind the splash pad if needing to "de-chocolafy" any family members with the messy eater gene before hitting up Dumbo the Flying Elephant or Barnstormer. 

As this is a location we normally avoid because of Little wanting all the sugar and all the toys, we really hadn't had a chance to explore the Big Top thoroughly before this challenge stop. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of offerings, as both food and merchandise are located here. I didn't even realize a specialty Olaf Cup for the "Icee" was offered until going back through our pictures! I also didn't ask about popcorn bucket refills with the caramel corn... I guess I was a bit mesmerized by the treat making as well.

The prices we reasonable, and most items looked like they were available as a snack credit for the dining plan. It was less crowed than the Confectionary on Main Street and the treats were just as good, if not better, for not having to deal with a ton of people wandering about in a pre-sugar coma. We highly recommend this spot for a break from the heat and a sweet treat. 

Big Top Treats is located inside the Big Top Souvenir shop in the Storybook Circus Area of Magic Kingdom. 

Date Visited: 3/8/17

The Belle Cupcake is amazing! 

CM making chocolate and white chocolate covered brownie/cake pops. 

Our snacks

  • Mickey Chocolate covered marshmallow wand.
  • Belle Cupcake 

Location Price Range- $2-15

Tips and Overall Review

  • As this location is located inside Big Top Souvenirs, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the food and merchandise offered. We recommend taking a few minutes to look at all the display cases and food/drink offerings before jumping in line.
  • If you have a messy eater, there is a bathroom conveniently located behind the splash pad to de-sticky before riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant.
  • There are similar items to the Confectionary being offered at this location, with the bonus of a smaller crowd. It may not be as easy to take home a caramel apple or marshmallow wand, as it may melt on the way out of the park, but if you plan on enjoying them as soon as you get them, this could be your place.
  • We loved getting to watch the treats being made. In addition, it seemed like there was a larger viewing area than other treat making shops we have seen across the property, as they were making several different items such as caramel popcorn as well as all the dipped goodies.    

Little may have picked up a sample for being so cute... 

This is also a great place to pick up an icy beverage and enjoy a little AC. 

One of several treat display cases; so many options so little time!

Joe diving in to the Belle cupcake.