Be Our Guest - Magic Kingdom 

As the live action Beauty and the Beast film comes out this week, we thought it fitting to make a trip to Be Our Guest as a part of the eatDisneyChallenge. We have had lunch and dinner at this restaurant before, but still hadn't tried their breakfast. So, early Friday morning before the park officially opened, we headed to the Magic Kingdom for our breakfast reservation.

Extra Magic Hours for resort guests meant the park wasn't completely empty, but we did get to enjoy a few low crowd activities, like taking castle pictures and riding in the antique 1910 Henry Firetruck before heading over to Beast's castle. Important side note, our Magic Bands were checked at Ticket and Transportation to make sure we had breakfast reservations and weren't trying to sneak in during Extra Magic Hours. We were also checked at the entrance to Liberty Square and Resort guests were checked at the entrance to Tomorrowland. The express monorail wasn't running yet, so we had to use the resort monorail or the ferry to get to the Magic Kingdom. 

A really cool tidbit about Be Our Guest is that we were able to preorder our meal to skip the ordering lines and guarantee our souvenir glasses. From what we understand, each party can only preorder 5 glasses. (We were told by a CM a lady tried to preorder 40, and they had to make a limit to so they could keep them in stock.) According to Disney's website, you can preorder up to 30 days before, but we are unsure how close to the reservation preordering ends. We preordered the night before, so there is no need to feel like you have to have your meal picked out a month ahead. 

The process of checking in with preordering was very simple. We were given a yellow rose at check in and were split to a separate line when arriving at the entrance. The preorder line was relatively short and quick as all we had to do was pay, and the price was no surprise as the website told us exactly how much it would be ahead of time. Guests without Magic Bands were given a red rose tracker, but since we were wearing ours, our food found us without no problem. We picked an open table in the Castle Gallery (aka the Music Box room) and we were quickly greeted by a friendly cast member, who explained that we would receive our glasses with our food. In addition, we were welcome to help ourselves to the self service drink station and pick up our silverware before they came.

Our food magically appeared in about 5 to 10 minutes, by way of the movie inspired trollies with servers. We split a couple of the dishes to get a better feel of the breakfast options. The Feast A La Gaston lived up to its name, although thankfully, they skipped out on the four dozen eggs. The amount of assorted pastries could have been a meal in it's self, however, it is meant to be shared as each adult entree states it comes with pastries. The croissant, chocolate croissant, mini muffins, and danish were perfect. Our favorite was the chocolate croissant, amazingly flaky and sweet. The eggs, bacon, sausage, and potatoes were all seasoned well and cooked to french standards. The only part of this dish we weren't thrilled with was the fresh fruit as it was mainly melon, cantaloupe and honeydew... with one grape. We would have loved a couple more grapes, as our little is a grape fiend, but we know they aren't quite in season yet. We're assuming this fruit changes based on seasonal offerings. 

The Croissant Doughnut was much less filling, but very tasty. Since Cronut is trademarked, Disney couldn't use the name, but that was the basic idea of this dish. If you thought the Croissant Doughnut wasn't sweet enough, it was also paired with an amazing banana-caramel sauce and pastry crème. As the sweet choice for the entrees we had to try it, but it was probably the least amount of food out of all the choices. Had each of the entrees come with their own pastry plate or had the assortment of fruit been a bit more assorted, it may have felt more worth the $24. Even though it was tasty, I would have gladly traded it for a couple more chocolate croissants.  

The kids crepes were good for our picky eater, as he ate all the berries and yogurt inside and a good bit of the crepes themselves. While the wildberry foam was the star of this dish, our little wasn't sure about the texture. I, on the other hand, could eat a bowl of it like ice cream - it was just that good! Little's sweet tooth is strong and half the pastry plate and bacon was devoured by him. He clearly didn't walk away hungry, which is the mark of a successful meal out for the picky eaters club. 

One of the perks of eating breakfast at this location is, because drinks are included in the price of the entree, the souvenir glasses are several bucks cheaper. For example, buying three of the Enchanted Rose Souvenir cups at breakfast means we saved enough off of the lunch price that we could have bought another and still paid less than for three at lunch. As for the elusive rose cup, it is a fun addition to our Disney cup/mug collection. It isn't the most sturdy, but it sure is pretty! We have tested it with several drink options, and it looks best with clear liquids like water or sprite without ice.

The theming of this restaurant is amazing, with three different dining areas: the West Wing, the Grand Ballroom and the Castle Gallery. We loved hearing and watching the giant music box in the gallery while enjoying all the paintings. It was a bit calmer and the tables felt spaced a little farther apart than in the Grand Ballroom and the lighting was more breakfast friendly than the West Wing. We highly encourage walking through all three areas as they each have their own special displays. There are tons of iconic picture locations throughout the castle. Wander by the stained glass window, take a peak at the enchanted rose in the West Wing, enjoy the snow falling on the castle grounds from the ballroom windows, and relive the budding romance of Belle and Beast through the paintings in the gallery. As a 90's kid who watched Beauty and the Beast a million or so times, there are very few things I would change and the ones I would are completely unrealistic. If only all the chairs and tables were gone from the Grand Ballroom so that hubby and I could reenact the tale as old as time dance... Like I said, unrealistic.

We would most definitely do breakfast at this location again. The morning was magical and the magic was less expensive than the other castle option, but the food just as good. If you are looking for a quicker breakfast reservation in the Magic Kingdom to let you in the parks early, look no further than Be Our Quest.  

Date Visited: 3/10/17

Located in New Fantasy Land behind the Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Be Our Guest is hard to miss with it's large bridge over the moat leading to Beast's Castle.  

The Enchanted Rose Souvenir Glasses

On Our Plate

  • Feast A La Gaston
  • Croissant Doughnut
  • Kids Crepes 
  • The Enchanted Rose Souvenir Cup

Location Price Range: $1-24 (breakfast only)

Tips and Overall Review

  • If wanting The Enchanted Rose Cup, it is only $9 at breakfast because drinks are included in the price of the entree. As it is $13 at lunch and dinner, the $4 price break at breakfast is nice, especially since the food was well worth getting up early for.   
  • Preorder for breakfast and lunch at this restaurant opens 30 days before, and is a great way to skip the line. We ordered the night before, so there is no need to know what you want to eat a month before. Just pay as you come in a find a seat, and your food will magically find you.
  • We highly suggest wandering through each of the dining areas as each area of the castle is themed differently. We missed seeing the talking suits of armor by preordering, but it was worth not having to wait in the line. 
  • Breakfast and Lunch are considered quick service for this location, but dinner is a character dining table service. With the quick service option there is a little more freedom to choose where you would like to sit, if space is available, but you miss out on meeting the Beast in his den (area with the touch screen ordering).
  • Breakfast is our favorite meal at this location. The added perk of getting into the park early sweetened it for us, but the food was enough of an enticement to eat breakfast at this location again.