Aloha Isle Refreshments - Magic Kingdom 

Is there anything better than a Dole-Whip Float on a hot day? Or any day! I think walking into Adventureland just makes my mouth water for one of these! If it has been a while since you've been to Magic Kingdom, this location and Sunshine Tree Terrace switched places in 2015. The great thing about the switch means that the queue is able able to handle the large Dole-whip crowd. 

We love the current location! Located behind the flying carpets and next to the Enchanted Tiki Room, pineapple is the name of the game for Aloha Isle. Pineapple soft serve, pineapple juice, pineapple spears, and the pineapple float... Dole has it's stamp on it all. The pineapple soft serve is amazingly refreshing and if you add a little pineapple juice, you have the most iconic Disney snack. Did you know that we didn't try the Dole-Whip Float until a couple years ago, on our first trip with our little in 2014! On our next trip, it had moved to it's new location with a ton of seating and much quicker lines. We also love the tiki hut feel with pineapple mural.  

The Dole-Disney partnership is a long standing park tradition! The partnership began in 1976 with the sponsorship of the Enchanted Tiki Room and the pineapple snacks. Outside the park,s Dole and Disney have partnered to encourage kids to eat healthy. Needless to say this partnership is strong and there is no need to worry about it dissolving anytime soon. So all the nay-sayers and needless worriers can rest easy knowing this treat is safe and won't be going into the Disney vault anytime soon. 

If you are on the dining plan, you can enjoy all these snacks (minus the souvenir mug) as snack credits! If you have a dairy allergy, however, it is best to avoid the dole-whip and float as it contains a milk derivative, sodium caseinate. We aren't sure about cross-contamination, or where the pineapple spears are cut so it would be best to ask if dairy allergies are an issue. 

When we last stopped at this location, it wasn't a super warm day so we didn't have to worry about it melting too quickly, but a Dole-Whip float is almost better when it melts and mixes. There really is just something about this pineapple goodness on a hot day after riding Pirates or Jungle Cruise. I think the next thing we are going to have to try the fresh pineapple spear with the Dole-Whip Float. We will be making many stops here in the future! 

In our cup...

  • The Pineapple Float

Location Price Range: $3-9

Location Menu and Prices

Date Visited: 3/8/17

We love this Pineapple Mural at Aloha Isle! 

Dole-Whip float

Aloha Isle Refreshments is located in Adventureland behind the flying carpets.  

Tips and Overall Review

  • Aloha Isle is the only location for Dole-Whips in the Magic Kingdom. It's located behind the flying carpets next to the Enchanted Tiki Room.
  • The Pineapple Soft Serve also known as the Dole-Whip is not dairy free. If you have a dairy allergy, know that this treat contains sodium caseinate which is a milk derivative. We are unsure about cross-contamination for other items at this location.    
  • All items, except the souvenir tiki mug, are snack credits on the dining plan for this location. 
  • With the flip-flop pf Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace, Aloha gained seating and a quicker queue. The tables do go quickly, as this is a hot spot, but we are thankful there are places to rest while enjoying an iconic treat.