Hot and Fresh Popcorn - Hollywood Studios 

For today's eatDisney Challenge location, we visited one of the Hot and Fresh Popcorn stands hanging out at Hollywood Studios. Little confession, before becoming Annual Passholders, we never visited a single popcorn cart at Disney! 

About two seconds after becoming AP, we realized the popcorn bucket would be our best friend for quick snacks for our popcorn loving little. At $10 for the bucket and first fill, the price is a deterrent for many vacationing for a couple days, but if your family loves popcorn, the $1.50 refills can really save some Disney coin. For perspective, the regular popcorn is $4.25 at this location and is a smaller size than the bucket. After the initial purchase, it only takes 2 refills of regular popcorn to make the Popcorn Bucket worth the investment. As AP, we were concerned about the "length of your stay" tag that is listed for the refills before we bought in. For locals and frequent visitors, we were told that Disney changes the design on the bucket every three months or so for each park, and after that point they may not refill the old designed buckets. Specialty buckets like the tie-fighter in the menu picture, from what we have been told, will be filled as long as they are sold. 

As with other food items around the property, a specific brand as been partnered with to provide the crazy amounts of Popcorn consumed at WDW and Disneyland. Pop Secret and Disney started their partnership in 2015 not only to provide popcorn, but Pop Secret also sponsors Fantasmic and movie nights at some resorts. 

Since this specific popcorn car is set up next to the Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away, there is an option for Star Wars themed souvenir items, as well as the traditional Mickey head pretzel and drinks. You can also add an X-Wing glow cube to any drink for $4.50. The popcorn was fresh and hot as the name implied and seasoned well for buttered popcorn. We have tried several popcorn carts on property and for traditional popcorn, this one is on par for Disney's popcorn game. 

In Our Bucket

  • Buttered Popcorn Refill

Location Price Range- $1.50- 19

The popcorn bucket is one of the best investments we have made. 

This Hot and Fresh Popcorn stand is located next to the stage for Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Cast Members serving us were super friendly! 

Date Visited: 2/25/17

Menu and Price list for this location

Tips and Overall Review

  • If you love popcorn, like our little, the traditional Popcorn Bucket is a steal! After the initial investment it takes only 2 refills to come out ahead and can be used at any popcorn cart on property for "length of stay" or until the bucket design changes. 
  • Most souvenir popcorn buckets we have seen have been between $12-15 so the Tie-Fighter bucket, at $19, seems a bit high to us. May the Cash be with you.
  • All "buttered" popcorn at Disney, at the time of this post, is dairy free and vegan. Because this specific location also serves cheddar dip for the Mikey head pretzel in factory sealed containers, we are unaware of any cross contamination issues for those allergic to dairy, but it is always best to ask.