Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory- Port Orleans French Quarter

Happy Mardi Gras!! We wanted to do a special post just for Fat Tuesday, so we headed over to Port Orleans French Quarter for some beignets.

A little back story about our family, I (Ana) grew up in Mobile, AL (the birthplace of American Mardi Gras) and love Mardi Gras Season. When we were fresh out of undergrad, we moved to New Orleans (Nola for short) and spent our first year of marriage surviving off of red beans and rice and beignet date nights. We hopped around Central Mississippi for a couple years, but about the time Lil Rocket Man was on the way, we moved to the MS Gulf Coast and a little closer to my roots. Even with living in AZ last year, Little hasn't missed a Mardi Gras Season until this year! Walking around Port Orleans French Quarter gave us a little taste of home, and Sassagola Floatworks and Food Factory gave us another. 

Sassagola Floatworks is located in the main building of Port Orleans French Quarter and is food court dining. It is also accessible by boat from Disney Springs, which is how we got there. 

Being a food court, there were many great Nola inspired options available, such as po boys, red beans and rice, and even a crawfish mac and cheese burger! The theming was once again on point, not only for the restaurant, but also for the French Quarter area. We loved seeing the Mardi Gras masks on display and the "beads" hanging from the ceiling. Most of all we loved the beignets, and we even picked up some orange juice to complete the trip down memory lane. Being a food court, the price was super reasonable, 6 for 5 dollars, which is better than our favorite Nola cafe. 

As for flavors, the powdery sugar goodness of their beignets reminded us of our first year of marriage and our Cafe du Monde date nights. They were perfect for this time of year! We will definitely be coming back to this restaurant when we are homesick for some cajun cooking!    

Date Visited:2/24/17

Little loved joining in on the parade! 

On our plate:

  • Beignets
  • Orange Juice

Location Price Range: $2-18

Tips and Overall Review

  • We loved this food court! If you are looking for a fun family friendly place to pick up a little Nola flavor, this is a great stop. We can't wait to try out more. 
  • If not staying at this resort, it is also accessible by boat from Disney Springs! It is worth the 10 minute boat ride to enjoy a little of the French Quarter Disney style. 
  • Port Orleans has a Mardi Gras parade on Fat Tuesday! If staying at Disney, check out the fun activities planed for Mardi Gras like "painting on de' bayou" and the Mardi Gras mixer. 
  • Prices are super reasonable, with nothing on the menu above $18 anytime of the day!