The Garden Grill - Epcot

Thursday night we tried out a new to us restaurant to kick off the eatDisney challenge, Garden Grill.  

For those unfamiliar with this restaurant, it is found in The Land at Epcot, above Living with the Land. Bonus - it's location is part of its charm. This family style, all you can eat, character dining is special for many reasons, but the main one for us is that the restaurant rotates so that you can see scenes from Living with the Land while you are eating . Also, this is the only character dining where you can meet Chip, Dale, and Pluto. The restaurant is small, so we actually got to see Mickey, Chip and Dale twice during our meal. 

 We were very impressed with this restaurant. Besides having super interactive characters, Mickey even danced with our little. In addition, the food was the perfect blend of comfort and home cooking. With the veggies coming from The Land greenhouses, the salads that began the meal were not only amazingly tasty, but also super fresh! We especially loved the potato salad as it was more of a sour cream based salad and reminded us of home. Also, two words, Sweet Tea. From what we understand, there are only a handful of restaurants that serve fresh brewed sweet tea on property, so it is fun to stumble across another one. 

As always, Disney was on point with the theming. The meat and potatoes were served in a cast iron skillet, and the drinks were served in Mason jars. But the best way that Disney themes in their restaurants is by making the food true to the setting. As this is Chip and Dale's Harvest Feast, the farm style meal was perfect. The pot roast was one of the best pot roasts we have ever eaten, and we grew up in the South, so yeah. When we finished the first helping, the second came out pipping hot and literally melted in my mouth it was so tender! And the stuffing! Why in the world did we forget to get second helpings of the bacon and leek stuffing?! 

As a special finish, the berry short cake reminded me so much of my Maw Maw's pound cake, and seeing that they used to own a dairy farm, it was perfect end to an amazing farm meal.

Garden Grill located at The Land in Future World - Epcot.

Garden Grill located at The Land in Future World - Epcot.

Date Visited: 2/23/17

Lil Rocket Man loved hanging out with Mickey and our amazing server. 

Lil Rocket Man loved hanging out with Mickey and our amazing server. 

On the dinner menu:  

  • Rolls with whipped butter
  • Farmer's salad
  • Potato salad
  • Pot Roast
  • Turkey breast with gravy
  • Italian Sausage with peppers and onions
  • Fries
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Bacon and Leek Stuffing
  • Berry Short Cake
  • Mickey sprinkle cookies
  • Sweet Tea

Price Range: $27-45 (seasonal)

Tips and Overall Review

  • We can't wait to share this restaurant with family when they come to town! Great food, interactive characters, a farmer Mickey, and a whole new view of Living with the Land.
  • Garden Grill was very kid friendly both food and character wise, but with the booth set up, we are not sure how high chairs work.  
  • If you have anyone who gets motion sickness easily, this might not be the place for them. There may be tables on the upper level that combat the slow rotating because they look in, but we are unsure if it would help. 
  • If you like Liberty Tree or Trails End, or your stomach starts growling anytime you catch a whiff of the Land, this is the place for you.