Mini Golf Weekend - Part 2

Have you checked out Mini Golf Weekend Part 1, when we visited Fantasia Gardens? If not, you can find it Here


We had so much fun after our first round of mini golf at Fantasia that we had to use the 25% discount on "the next round of golf" to check out Winter Summerland the next day. We're so glad we did! 

Winter Summerland shares a parking lot with Blizzard Beach and includes free parking. When first entering the parking lot, the large sign for Winter Summerland is near the back. However, don't let that fool you! The entrance is next to Blizzard Beach's entrance at the front of the parking lot. Winter Summerland has two courses appropriately named Sand and Snow. Both courses are 18 holes and are Christmas themed because one Christmas Eve Santa found the perfect vacation spot. If you know Santa he loves snow and sand.  


When we checked in, we found out that Sand would be going down for a refurb a bit sooner than it's cooler counterpart (both will be down from Oct 23 to Nov 11, 2017), so we enjoyed a bit of Florida sun and sand on a warm Sunday afternoon. The process for checking in and waiting for a tee time was short and painless and it only took about 5 minutes for be called for our time. We also want to give a huge shot out to the family who passed a coupon for a free round! We didn't catch their name, but it was a nice bit of pixie dust to our day. 

Sand! We loved this location so much! It had just the right amount of vintage Christmas feel and cheese wrapped with a cute little bow. There was a snow machine, Santa's sleigh and Camper, snow and sand castles, and of course a fireplace and Christmas tree. The Beach boys Christmas music played on the Sand course, but we know we heard a bit of Santa Baby walking past the Snow course. Both courses are mainly Par 3-4 and seemed a bit more friendly to mini golf newbies than the Fantasia courses. The theming was perfect for Little too. He was super excited to see all the features, and he was much more engaged than at Fantasia. When the first hole is Santa's AirStream style camper, you know it is going to be a great course. 


I think one of my favorite parts of the course was the living room section near the end. The area was covered with a fireplace and a Christmas tree with a moving train set as a hazard. Both courses end under this area, but from what we could tell, the Sand course has most of the living room items. The only thing slightly dated, but still fun, was the 18th hole. As with most mini golf courses the last hole is a ball collector and thus a par 1. For this hole, the ball collector was a PC - probably circa 1999. Once it collected the ball, a special video message from Santa came up. The message was super fun, but to see the whole message each player needs to wait until the last message finishes. We saw 4 different messages, but missed one because we didn't wait for the message to "transmit." Our tip would be not to rush this last hole; it's worth the lower downloads speeds to get the message. 

Overall, we would highly recommend this course and location. We were even given mini candy canes when we turned in our clubs. Winter Summerland is open daily from 10 am to 11 pm, (but be sure to check Here and click the calendar icon next to the date to make sure it is not in refurb during the time you want to visit.) Adults can play for $14 and kids 3-9 play for $12. AP discount is currently 15% off, and the discount on the next round for the same day next day is 25% off. If you are staying on property, you may receive coupons for a free round as a part of the book with discounts and information.