Mini Golf Weekend - Part 1 

IMG_7376 2.jpg

Did you know that WDW has two mini golf locations? Did you know that both locations have two 18-hole courses each? Did you know you can get a discount for playing another round of golf the same day or next day?! 

We visited both Fantasia Gardens and Miniature Golf and Winter Summerland Miniature Golf this past weekend as a part of our Mini Golf weekend with the Grands. As this was Little's first time mini golfing, (and our first time on Disney Property) we weren't sure exactly what to expect. Would there be a place to grab a bite to eat? Would we have to wait to play? Would Little even like it? 

Our first round was on Saturday at Fantasia. Fantasia is located next to the Swan and Dolphin Hotels, with it's own free parking. When we arrived we quickly realized that the food options were minimal, chips and prepackaged snack items were available as well as bottled drinks, but nothing that would constitute a lunch/meal. We would highly suggest packing a lunch or eating before if you are planning on making a day of it at either mini golf location. 



Fantasia has a course, the Gardens, that would be considered traditional mini golf themed around the movie Fantasia. However, the other course, the Fairways, looks more like a golf course with "sand" bunkers and hazards but on a smaller scale. We decided to go with the more traditional Gardens course as it looked a bit more little kid friendly. The prices were reasonable at $14 for adult and $12 for children 3-9 years old (AP discount is %15) before tax. When we paid for the first round, we were told that if we play another round the same day or next day at either WDW location we would receive 25% off. 

The Cast Members were very helpful and let us know the wait time for each course, and we waited about 30 minutes to play, which wasn't bad for a busy Saturday. They also explained that there is a 6 stroke maximum for each hole, as we are pretty sure this is how they keep things moving along. (They will also split larger parties to avoid back ups.) Once our name was called, we received our clubs of various sizes based on our height, picked our favorite color ball, grabbed the score card, and started off to the first hole. 

*PreK tip- There is only one set of bathrooms at either location. We highly encourage littles to go before starting the course, as getting back to the bathrooms is a bit of a trek as you must wind through the course. Trust me... we made it.*


We loved the theming of this course, however, even though Little has seen Fantasia, it was a bit lost on him. The majority of the holes were a par 3, but don't let that fool you. Some were very difficult, while others were easier. We loved all the fun animations and features that happen at different holes. We won't give them all away, but the many water features may be our favorite on a warm Florida day. 

There is one hole that may cause issues for littles or anyone with aversions to loud noises. Near the middle of the course, there is a hole in a cavern, and a motion sensor causes a loud thundering noise to boom through the cavern when walking on the green towards the hole. (We think this can be avoided by walking on the path instead of the green, but you can check by sending someone through first with everyone else outside the cavern.) Also, like many mini golf courses, the final hole collects the ball, so a bit of preparation may avoid a melt down on the 18th. 

We loved getting to see Sorcerer Mickey, the Dancing Hippos and the other Fantasia inspired statues and features. The best part is that everyone had fun, and Little enjoyed it enough that we played another round the next day.   

Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf is open daily from 10 am to 11 pm, and is located in the "Epcot Resorts" area.