Visiting Epcot

It all started when...

we decided to move to Central Florida. After years of giving tons of time to everything (multiple jobs, graduate school, and an abundance of screened devices) except family, we decided to focus on living our lives with a "live in the moment" mentality.

Things that are truly important to us, such as time together, financial freedom, community with our church family, and living our lives in contentment - like we are on vacation - became the focus of our journey.

As we explore Walt Disney World, eat at every restaurant there (see the eatDisney Challenge), and share our lives with you, we hope that you are inspired to stop waiting for that once or twice a vacation and start vacationing wherever you are!

Ana, Joe, and Little Rocket Man



Ana and Joe are a pair of telecommuting writers figuring out how to work in harmony in a single home office. With ten years of marriage under their belts, they are learning more and more about each other each day. While they have been on many Walt Disney World vacations over the years, living 15 minutes from the parks is providing a unique opportunity to up their expertise in all things Disney.

Little Rocket Man, as named by his friends, is the most extroverted of our group. We are never without friends while he is in tow. Favorite rides at Walt Disney World right now include: Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Big Thunder Mountain, Journey Into Imagination With Figment, Test Track, and Flight of Passage.